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Euston Hardware is Your Next Project Destination

Accolade Premium Paint & Primer has been expertly remastered to elevate your home and your style with more hide, increased durability, greater adhesion, and a smoother finish.

This perfect palette of exquisitely crafted one-coat colors delivers remarkable results. It's finish is highly washable, scrubbable, and stain-resistant for long-lasting durability.

If you're looking to find the exceptional color that's built to last, choose Accolade Premium Paint & Primer. Designed for those with discerning taste, it's certain to take your home from beautiful to breathtaking.

Best Look Paint gives you color and the finish you need to get your project done in style, and quality formula you need to get it done with confidence. It's one of our finest paints and primer in one. It is an ultra premium paint that offers excellent performance in hide, stain resistance, and scrubbability. THis product can be applied to previously painted surfaces or uncoated drywall without primer. When only the best will do, choose Best Look Paint & Primer in One.


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If your Next Project is Staining...Euston Hardware Stores have you Covered!

Whether you are doing an interior or exterior stain project, Euston Hardware carry the best in stains. Brands like DEFY, Minwax, Rust-oleum, Best Look, and Superdeck to name a few. 

Stains help protect your wood deck, chair, table, even concrete! They even help resist dirt and moisture.  

To Ensure Long-Lasting Beauty:

1) Shovel snow off flat surfaces like decks to avoid water damage. Use plastic snow shovels along the boards lengthwise.

2) Move plants back from deck edges to avoid moisture and mildew.

3) Inspect the surface regularly to determine if wood needs recoating 2-3 years for decks, and 7-10 years for siding.

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